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    We want this website and forum to be a fun and informative place for all of us. Just be mindful of your language and pictures you post and use as avatars or signatures.

    The following rules pertain to the forum boards as well as personal messages or e-mail through the boards. Depending on the severity of an offense, a poster may receive anything ranging from a warning, to a period of suspension, to a full ban from the use of the site.

    Bannable offenses
    Rules to live by:

    1. No personal attacks - Criticise ideas, not people. Friendly debates are fine... personal attacks are NOT. Anyone posting inaccurate, harassing, hateful, or threatening messages towards another poster is subject to immediate banning.

    2. No trolling - Do not post messages with the intention to provoke conflicts, goad people into arguments, or generally start trouble.

    3. No multiple accounts - One account per user, please.

    4. Content - Do not post pornographic, sexually offensive, sexually explicit material, comments or links to any of the above. Posting pics of “bikes with babes’ is fine but keep it PG-13.

    5. Privacy - Do not post another user’s picture, phone number, address, or any other personal info without their permission.

    Golden Rules
    Please use acceptable forum ettiquette:

    1. Watch your language. A few bad words are ok but please refrain from posting like a drunken sailor. This also includes racial slurs and any advocating of illegal activity.

    2. NO Spamming. No commercial posts or flooding the forum with useless content.

    3. No blatant advertising. Only official site sponsors or members selling personal property may place ads in the “For Sale” section.

    4. Do not post in all caps. This is considered by many as the equivalent of shouting and may annoy a lot of people.

    5. English! The bikes may be Italian but we speak English around these parts. Using a foreign language excludes other members. If you must speak to someone in another language please use the pm feature.

    6. Post in the appropriate forum. Your post may be moved to the appropriate forum by admin if needed.

    7. Try not to double-post. Search the forum first before posting.

    8. Keep your topic/subject titles accurate and descriptive. This will help others find what they want or don’t want to read.

    Each user remains solely responsible for the content of their own messages and are not necessarily the views or opinions of DRILL. Moderators may alter or delete posted messages at their discretion. We cannot monitor the forum 24 hours a day but we will do our best to keep the boards clean and user friendly. We ask all users to follow these rules and to remember the most important objective of this forum --Have fun!
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