2015 Membership Dues - Deadline Is May 1, 2015.

Discussion in 'Membership' started by drilladmin, Apr 24, 2015.

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    Dear DRILL members,
    Deadline to pay dues for existing members has been extended from 3/31/15 to 5/1/15 as this will be the first year of having a deadline. From 2016, it will be 3/31 every year. It gives us an estimate of the budget for the year and allocate funds for activities for that year. Membership fee remains $50 and will be $100 for existing members if paid after 5/1/15 and 3/31 from 2016. PayPal id to pay dues is Ducatidrill@gmail.com. Please send it as a donation so that we avoid the 3% fee on it.

    We will be discussing with the paid members after May 1st about how to manage non-paid DRILL members at our events. We really don't want to have a cash station at our events and collect money. Our goal is to keep it simple, collect dues once a year and keep our events free of cost and treat all members the same.

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