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  1. So I just purchased a Shorai Battery for my ST4s. What do you guys think of this battery? I got the Shorai because the ST4s seems to be power hungry. It eats batteries whether the bike is used often or not. I mean this bike can suck the Yuasa battery dry in 2 to 3 days. Yea, Yea, I know, put a battery tender on it. Well, I've go news for you..... I have 4 Jap bikes that can go for 6 months without a battery tender, and they start right up, like I just turned them off a minute ago. I don't understand why this Italian bike needs to eat so much power.
    Anyways, This Shorai looks really go by the numbers. I'm just concerned, because they sell their special battery tender just for their battery. It makes it sound like I am buying an entire "system". Gotta have the tender if you're gonna have the battery, and keep it good through the warranty period.
    What are the alternatives? What battery do you guys run? and do you have to plug you bike in every night?

    Rocketman Bill
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    I feel your pain with this one. I have owned two Japanese bikes since I started riding and both could sit all winter in my freezing garage and start right up in the spring, no tender required. Not sure why Ducati's are so "power hungry" but I have experienced the same thing over the years. I go through batteries about every two years, with a tender on them. I've always stuck with Yuasa's. I've heard Shorai makes a good battery but never bought one myself. Not sure I would if I had to buy a dedicated charger. And yes, I plug them in every time.
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    What is the warranty like on the Shorai? How much did the 'system' cost? Not keen on switching to Lithium technology for its weight saving. I have the same experience as you with my 2005 CBR 1000. Had to replace the battery twice so far in the last 7 years and get it from batteries plus. Started using the tender only last year and the two bikes share 1 tender every two weeks.
  4. I purchased the battery through Racer Café @ $169 + tax. I'll be purchasing the Shorai charger soon. The key words in the warranty are: "properly maintained". Then it's warrantied for 3 years, and they said if"properly maintained" it should last 7 to 10 years. So Can spend the extra money up-front and have one battery, or end possibly end up spending the same money for three batteries over the next ten years.
    the main reason I chose the Shorai is that it has 270 CCA vs. 215CCA from the Yuasa battery.
    I am going to ad a knife switch to the main battery cables, so that I can eliminate the power draw of the immobilizer. I hate that thing! or I am going to spend the money and have my ECU re-flashed to eliminate the immobilizer, and a few other things that have to be changed..... like the side stand, and the immobilizer BIG RED LIGHT that stays on ALL of the Time! How rude!
    This leads to my next Tech question...... See next thread.

    Rocketman Bill
  5. I just logged on to say I am about to do a test on the Shorai in my 748. Might as well post here

    Be advised to unplug the charger during a thunderstorm.

    It was raining like crazy and I was standing in my open garage putting the lawn mower away as major thunder/lightning hit. I saw the tree in my front yard get blasted just 30-40 feet from me. Needless to say the Shorai charger did not work after the strike. Its been at least two years since the bike has been started and last summer since it was charged. Just ordering a new charger for now

    Lets see what Shorai can do under these circumstances
  6. What else in your house went out with that hit? or was the Shorai charger the only thing. What I'm getting at is, You think the charger should be plug into a surge protector? I'm just sayin' that if your
    big screen TV was plugged into the same circuit, that it would have been blown too.

    For the two years of non use, did you disconnect it and store it properly? Or was it connected and the bike sucked all the juice out of the battery? I hope, but I don't think it will, come back. If it was connected, the voltage probably dropped below 13.1 volts. But you never know until 'til you try.

    Pne thing I am learning is........ This is a Dry Cell battery. They act and react WAAAAAAY different than a wet cell battery like your use to.

    Good Luck,

    Bill K
  7. Nothing else went out. Google says my flat screen is "vintage" :) so who knows. All three flat screens around the house survived as well as receiver etc. I also don't know, without looking, which circuit it was on. Come to think of it, that weekend was sketchy as far as power goes. I also rigged a generator to one of the garage outlets connected to the sump pump which I wanted to run. So maybe something happened there. Not very clean power wise. Forgot about that part

    The battery was not disconnected but nothing on the bike to actively draw charge. I would go and crank the bike every now and then without starting since the ECU, tank, and power commander are off the bike. I would charge or store mode the battery depending on what the charging was telling me it wanted.

    If it works, fine. If it doesn't I'll buy another. Out of all the special batteries I have bought for cars or the bike, this one seems to be holding on better than they did. Braille, which I am not saying I would never buy again, died rather quickly (one summer). I was pushing it though for a car and its size.
  8. New charger on the bike this morning. It says its charging so we shall see. Updates to follow
  9. I installed my Shorai battery yesterday.WOW what a difference a good battery makes. Started right up, I mean RIGHT up! Think I'm gonna like this.

    Just recieved the charger too. I like it.

    Rocketman Bill
  10. Just be careful with the charger. Charge/ Store / disconnect before starting and I think you will be all good.

    Guess what. Charged right up with no issues and cranked. I have to get the tank and ECU installed to get it to fire up but the battery cranked it
  11. WOW, Disconnect before starting......... Well, I think I voided the warranty already then. :)

    Glad yours came back to life. Just in the nick of time too. Another 2 or 3 months, when all of this snow finally melts, it will be riding season. haha
  12. Well, here is my take on Shorai Batteries NOW!, after only 1 season: Get another battery. It's not worth the money. Charger just blinks. Over charge? under charge? who knows? The instructions are lacking. I know this.... I'm sitting here, after spending big bucks, with a DEAD battery.

    Yuasa here I come!

    Anyone need a Shorai charger? email me at Have I got a deal for you.

    Rocketmen Bill

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