2017 Motogp At Cota - Motorcycle Transport To And From Austin.

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    Many thanks to Bobby and George for coming forward to transport our bikes to Austin again for this year's MotoGP. They are doing it purely to show their passion for our club and not as a business venture. The work they have to put in is labor intensive and takes away almost a whole week of their personal and professional time. Please be mindful of that, thank them and help them in any way possible you can.

    ******* Disclosure*******

    If you wish to transport your motorcycle, you are doing it at your own risk. Your insurance must be up to date to ensure that any incidentals are covered. Your bike will be handled by a group of volunteers from DRILL in Chicago and in Austin and will be taken care of as our own Ducati. You are welcome and encouraged to be around during the loading, unloading and strapping it up.
    As you know, unexpected things can happen. Neither DRILL nor Bobby is responsible for any damages that your bike might incur and you have to sign a waiver for it. If you choose to take part you must acknowledge to not hold DRILL, board-members, Bobby, the transport company, or anybody else who might be involved in getting your bike to and from Austin, liable for any damages.

    Transportation Fees: Due by March 15th

    $200 + $50 for 2017 Dues - Provided that you were a member in 2016.
    $450 - For non-members and members signing up in 2017. (Be advised that club members get first priority until March 5th and then we open the option to ship bikes to non members on a first come first serve basis)

    Paypal id: Ducatidrill@gmail.com
    Chase QuickPay: drill.treasurer@gmail.com
    Please add a note stating your "Name" and "Bike Transport to Austin" when making your payment.

    Transportation Schedule:
    Drop-off - Chicago:
    Sundy, April 16th at MCC, between 9AM and Noon.
    Pick-up - Austin: Thursday, April 20th at Hilton Austin Airport.
    Drop-off - Austin: Sunday, April 23rd at Hilton Austin Airport after the race.
    Pick up - Chicago: Wednesday, April 26th at MCC.
    Please keep in mind that we cannot make any exceptions on the transportation schedule.

    Bikes will arrive in Austin by Thursday morning, April 20th or earlier and will be unloaded in the hotel parking lot. Keys will be kept at the reception in an envelope with your name on it. You will have to show your id to collect them.
    Reloading the truck will happen on Sunday, April 23rd after the race. If you are leaving soon after the race, it is your responsibility to have the bike at the hotel and hand over the keys . Bikes will be dropped off at MCC most likely by Wednesday, April 26th. Keys will be with one of the MCC staff. Please pick up your bikes promptly soon after they reach. MCC is not responsible for the safety of your bike.

    Straps and Keys:
    Please bring a set of 4 ratchet straps, a Canyon Dancer - Bar Harness II and 4 soft loop, tie down straps that are in good shape to strap up your bike. Mark all of them with your name.
    Plan to leave a key with your name on the key ring with us. Please bring a spare key with you so that you have access to your bike when you reach Austin.

    Riding Gear:
    You can also free up your luggage by sending your riding gear in the truck. Please put everything in a bag and mark it with your name on a luggage tag.

    Hotel Details:
    Hilton Austin Airport
    9515 Hotel Drive
    Austin, TX 78719

    Please note that this hotel is different from the DOC hotel - Holiday Inn, Austin - Town Lake, where some of you may be staying. There is no parking for our semi around the DOC hotel so this was the best alternative we had. It is your responsibility to arrange for transportation to pick up and drop off your bikes and your luggage. Hilton Austin Airport is half way between the Holiday Inn and COTA about 9 miles from each and about 1 mile from Austin Airport.
    I have blocked a few rooms for 20th, 21st and 22nd night at Hilton Austin Airport for around $300 + taxes. Bobby, George and Philip are staying here. If you would also like to stay here, let me know and I can share the information with you.

    Below is the list of members who have signed up so far.
    Adam M*
    CDR - 2-4 bikes
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